Abstract Painting - Going Big

Abstract Painting - Going Big

Learn How to Create Huge Paintings For Little Dollars | taught by Andy Morris

Course description

This Course is about "Going Big!", painting large Acrylic Abstract Paintings, finding and creating exciting designs that will look great on a larger canvas. You will learn how to build your own stretcher bars in a few different ways, and how to stretch your own canvas and save a lot of money. Then I'll show you my strategies for developing large compositions that are very popular.

The course covers 3 Painting Demos and is about 2 hours long, but it is recommended you revisit the video lectures over an extended period to really let the lessons sink in. With unlimited lifetime access you can come back anytime for a refresher and who knows I may have added more demos by then.

If you have ever gotten excited by the idea of painting Big Acrylic Abstract Paintings then this is the course for you! First I'll show you how I save a lot of money stretching my own canvas, then on to the painting demos, where you will learn some great ways to get started and of course complete your large acrylic abstract paintings.

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access - Revisit the Lectures Anytime
  • No previous experience needed
  • Easy to follow video lessons
  • Money Saving Tips

If you are ready for some Big Fun painting really Large Abstract Art, then let's get started!

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Great Easy Course

by Louise Gaudet
Easy to follow and fun to try!

Great Easy Course

by Louise Gaudet
Easy to follow and fun to try!
Andy Morris
Andy Morris

Andy Morris a full time abstract painter, living in Dallas, TX.

He was selected in 2011 to participate in the Omni Hotel Art Project here in Dallas, and now 52 of his colorful abstract paintings hang in suites and hallways of the new hotel.

His work can be found in Corporate and Private collections across the USA, and in Canada, and Puerto Rico.

All of his life he has been creating art, and learning and developing new abstract painting techniques. And now he's sharing his expertise with you.


Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Course
Introduction FREE PREVIEW
WARNING! Cheap Canvases
Stretching Your Own Canvas
Tools & Materials Needed
Easiest Way to Stretch Your Own Canvas FREE PREVIEW
Stretching Your Painting
Stretching Your Canvas Before You Paint
Alternative Method; Getting Your Beveled Edge
Cutting & Assembling Your Stretcher Bars FREE PREVIEW
Painting On Unstretched Canvas
Demo One 48x48 in. Unstretched Canvas
Poured Painting Technique
Mixing Your Paint
Pouring Demo video 1
Pouring Demo video 2
Finish the poured painting
Huge Painting! 60x60 inches
Getting Started on your Huge Painting
Huge Painting Step Two
Huge Painting Finished
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